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My Reviews of a Few Indian Restaurants in Norway

Food plays a very important role in making your travel memorable. With that said, I am not one of those folks who indulges in local food wherever I go.  Why?  Because I am a (pure) vegetarian and I am freaked out about food containing some form of meat or a sauce or even egg. So I stick to visiting Indian restaurants which is a tried and tested option. During my solo trip to Norway,  I mainly survived on my MTR ready-to-eat food, cup noodles, and Saffal Oats. But there were times when I just got so fed up eating the dried-up tasteless MTR Pulao (not recommended by the way), that I would want to go eat out.  Fortunately during my whole travel, food was not a concern.  I got to eat at some great vegetarian restaurants and here are my short reviews of these places.

Restaurant Maharaja, Bergen
This was the first restaurant I ate at during my trip. The staff were courteous. Very tasty food in large amount is served. Oh the joy of having curd or some form of curds for us South Indians is un-explainable! hahaha. The roti was very soft and well made. Visit this place if you're a tourist and crave vegetarian Indian food! :)
Address: Rosenkrantzgaten 5, 5003 Bergen, Norway
Website: http://www.maharajas.no

Taste of India Restaurant, Trondheim
After cycling for a couple of hours in Trondheim, I visited this place. I had shortlisted this place to have my dinner. I really loved the whole ambiance of the place. Seeing an Indian flag in another country suddenly makes one feel very proud! I had that feeling when I saw our flag. It had started to drizzle outside so I decided to takeaway. The menu had a good variety of vegetarian options! I took away Veg Biryani, Raita, and a Naan. Food was very tasty.
Address: Brattørgata 5, 7010 Trondheim, Norway
Website: http://tasteofindia-trondheim.no/

Indisk Taj Tandoori, Bodø
I had arrived in Bodø via a beautiful picturesque train journey from Trondheim. I was pretty hungry and was craving for some Indian spicy food and I can't believe I found an Indian restaurant in Bodø! 😍 The owner was courteous and welcoming and even helped me out with some local taxi info.  I ordered veg biryani with some curry and I got some free raita to go with it! The curry was spicy, the biryani was ok... but who can complain when It's 10°c and drizzling outside and you get vegetarian food! It kinda felt like home! I met a Mangalore girl who was working part-time at that restaurant and we were exchanging stories about eating MTR food! As I had taken only Besi Bele Bath, Veg Pulao, she actually told me she has some MTR Vangi Bath at home and she offered to give it to me! So sweet!
Address: Sjøgata 44, 8006 Bodø, Norway

Restaurant New Delhi, Oslo
The the last leg of my solo travel, I visited Oslo for a couple of hours. I so badly wanted to eat Indian veg food and was so glad to have found this place. It was cozy and not crowded. Old hindi instrumental music was playing in the background and I couldn't help but hum along! The ambiance was good. The food was hot and tasty and in good quantity for a person! There was a clean restroom. Out door seating is available.
Address: 10, Øvre Slottsgate, 0157 Oslo, Norway
Website: http://www.newdelhi.no/

In addition to these Indian restaurants, I had some vegetarian food at these restaurants.

Ulriken643, Bergen
I was sightseeing in Bergen and visited the Ulriken mountain. After taking the cable car up there and bit of sightseeing and clicking photos, I dint have much to do here. So I ended up visiting this restaurant. There weren't a lot of vegetarian options here. The only thing I could see was a salad. It was hardly filling! But the view is good here. It's nice to sit out and eat if it is not too windy, else you would want to sit in and enjoy the cozy warmth. There are clean restrooms here.
Address: Haukelandsbakken 40, 5009 Bergen, Norway
Website: ulriken643.no

Fjellstua, Tromsø
If you really want to enjoy some good food with a view, then this place is a must visit! I was so glad that this place had a vegetarian option! I had the vegetarian wok flat noodles and a cup of hot chocolate! It was absolutely yummy with so many veggies! I got a seat outside to sit and enjoyed my meal with some amazing backdrop! Then I went hiking up to the summit, På Toppen, came back and packed the vegetarian wok to go! (They do not have takeaways. I happen to have a box with me so they happily obliged). Very friendly staff!

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