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Solo Vibrant Voyages

Quitting Dell to Travel the World

Who knew that exactly one year after my solo trip to Norway, I would be leaving my corporate job to pursue my passion for travelling! This Friday was my last working day at Dell. I just can't believe that (close to) 5 years have flown by! This has been my longest and most amazing stay so far in any company! "OMG!!!". "This is it". "I am so ready for this". These were some of the thoughts that went through my mind when I decided that I wanted to quit and fulfill my dream of travelling and become a travel blogger!

I took my first solo trip to Norway back in June 2017 and I loved the experience so much that I took my second solo trip to New Zealand this year! Two solo trips in, I knew this is what I wanted to do full time! I absolutely loved every bit of the whole process - right from locking down a place, your leaves getting approved, booking your to and fro flight tickets, spending sleepless nights researching about internal travel, saving places to Google Maps, getting frustrated when you visit a transport website that is not in English language, or using Google Translate to hear pronunciation of places, booking Airbnb stays or hostels, to the whole painful process of applying for a visa, that nail-biting moment and praying to the Gods of visa consulate because you have booked your entire itinerary and your heart is in your hand, and finally to that thrilling moment of receiving your passport and seeing a visa stamp on it, and then of course the whole trip itself. I have loved every bit of this process and I want to do this full time. I have now decided to take the plunge.

There aren't enough adjectives to describe the wonderful journey I've had with Dell. I feel so fortunate to have worked with some of the best teams at Dell and I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it - getting the TA team SMaC certified, training them to use social media and the importance of building a personal brand, being a part of the Dell Champions team and promoting employee advocacy, and then moving into a university relations role, giving our interns the best internship experience, I am going to cherish all these memories. Thank you, DELL, for the opportunity of a lifetime.
My last working day at Dell :)
I am super excited about my new gig, because it sets the path for me to reach my ultimate goal of becoming an entrepreneur one day! I look forward to all the creative learning opportunities that lay ahead of me like creating and editing videos, photography, blogging, learning new tools and so on.

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