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What’s the Most Rewarding Part of Solo Travel?

Solo travelling is not for everyone. Some people enjoy going out with a group of close friends and have a time of their life! In fact, I have had some extremely memorable trips with my friends. When I took my first solo trip, I discovered that I enjoy this the most. What's the most rewarding thing about it you may ask?

For me, the list is endless! I absolutely love every bit of the whole process - right from locking down a place, booking your to and fro flight tickets, spending sleepless nights researching about internal travel, saving places to Google Maps, using Google Translate to hear pronunciation of places, booking Airbnb stays or hostels, to the that nail-biting moment of waiting for your visa, and finally to that thrilling moment of receiving your passport and seeing a visa stamp on it, and then of course the whole trip itself.

Seeing your travel plans come to life is most rewarding. You feel a great sense of accomplishment and gain a lot of confidence. Little did I know what a positive impact solo travel can have on one's life. You develop important life skills like decision making, problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy, and resilience.You have the luxury of designing your itinerary and seeing it come to life is extremely rewarding. When in a group, it is hard to come to a consensus about things to do, places to visit, restaurants to dine in and so on. When you are travelling alone, you can decide when your day begins, have brunch or ice cream for lunch, make a sandwich for dinner, etc. You can plan the activities that are of most interest to you without having to feel that you are forcing people into activities you like or being forced into activities they like!

 Have you travelled solo? What do you like most about solo travelling?

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