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Homer Tunnel,  New Zealand
Animal lover, adventure seeker, vegetarian, photography enthusiast and a rookie female solo traveller! That's how I would describe myself :) Namaste. My name is Vandana Bellur and I am from Bangalore, India.

I took my first solo trip to Norway in June 2017 and I loved the experience so much that I took my second solo trip to New Zealand in April 2018. Two solo trips in, I knew this is what I wanted to do full time! After having worked in the corporate world for 13 years, I quit my job to travel the world over (exactly one year after my solo trip to Norway!).

I started blogging under v2click.com in 2018 to share my travel experiences and inspire more people to travel the world. My blog will focus on how to plan your solo trip, dos and don'ts while travelling solo, where to find vegetarian food, travelling using public transport and more. As I have just started blogging, I am still learning but would love to share things as I discover them.

I spend my free time volunteering as a Google Local Guide by writing reviews, checking facts, editing info, adding new places, and answering questions about places on Google Maps. Level 7!  I am super exited to share that I have got selected to attend the Connect Live 2018 event hosted by Google in San Francisco this Oct 2018! I am one of the 151 selected attendees from across the world and one of the 10 selected from India! 😀
Click here to read my contributions on Google Maps. Click here to become a Local Guide yourself!

Professional Background
I have 13 years experience with 9 + years experience across Employer Branding, Employee Advocacy, Social Media, Web Analytics and SEO. I have always been passionate about the Digital Media space because of its ever changing nature and the continuous learning opportunities it presents. I am very passionate about Personal Branding and love to train people on it. Looking for a trainer? I can help!

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Uber Code: vandanab343ue
My Airbnb code: https://buff.ly/2MigiRS (use this link to get ₹2,200 credit on Airbnb booking)
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